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Mythic Reign | games
Mythic Reign - A free fantasy text based roleplaying game. Over 10 species to choose from. Join now!
0 12 4.57 / 5

Description Average This Month Last Month 2 Months Ago 3 Months Ago
 Unique Pageviews 0.0000 0 0 0 0
 Total Pageviews 0.0000 0 0 0 0
 Unique Hits In 0.5000 0 0 0 2
 Total Hits In 0.7500 0 0 0 3
 Unique Hits Out 12.7500 8 5 11 27
 Total Hits Out 15.7500 12 6 12 33

 User ratings

Average Rating: 4.57
Number of Ratings: 138

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 User reviews

11140 - 2014-05-28 09:59:07
Excellent text based pvp world with good role playing

11150 - 2014-06-08 21:53:35
awesome game

11155 - 2014-06-23 19:19:55
Awesome Game

11164 - 2014-07-03 10:29:24
Is a true role-playing game. However it follows the meta of most browser based role playing game and isn't particularly interesting or new. Task occasionally become repetitive where there are alot of opportunities for improvement. Although the game is in full release it is constantly being developed by a very active dev.

11183 - 2014-09-07 08:20:08
I like Mythic Reign because there is virtually no lag, which makes it suitable for all platforms that have a browser of some sort.

11233 - 2014-10-27 18:01:20
Top game, recommened to everyone!

11237 - 2014-11-03 12:16:31
Oi... this game is much better than the ones I have played so far.
And I won't lie for you guys, but this is my favorite community but the ladies deserve more attention :P
Many kinds of girls I can choose to go after and screw around :P
The naive ones, damn, they're special for me or at least I make them THINK they are :P Nothing but easy prey in my eyes. I am aware that I'm famous for stalking women, and I totally love it, 'cause it makes you jealous that you AREN'T skilled like me. If were you,dear'd be banned for harassment, Nah, they are too scared to report me, all they will do is: Cry for their Momma.


11241 - 2014-11-15 23:25:41
18+ but there's no way to prevent underages. Age check is useless, you can lie.

Talking about the underages, little girls... come to me :P
I don't give a damn if I am famous for "harassing", it is YOUR fault ladies... for being too easy, I cannot help if I got great social skills :P I WANT, I GET IT and won't stop until I reach my "goals", you heard that?!

What the heck will you do? Report me? You all are TOO SCARED to report me, go cry to your Momma and FREAKING accept that you are E A S Y! Oh, I said you were special? Actually I MADE you think you were special, do you really want to know what are you in my eyes? Easy prey, this is your answer.


11250 - 2014-11-29 17:32:48
A very good Text based RP game! Be whatever you wanted to be in MR!

11253 - 2014-12-03 21:29:54
Boring factor HIGH, repetitive clicking, limited universe, zero role playing, biggest game problems are: lot's of time and effort for very miniscule rewards. Fair concept, underdeveloped. Exists in constant evolution. Second worst problem is that their randomization tools work infrequently. Also, not much of a defense system, tis all about attack, which is constant and never ending. Rebecca*

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