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 Registration / Gamez100 rules

The Gamez100 has a few house-rules to keep the listing fair and accurate.

1. Gamez100 currently only accepts online flash, shareware and freeware websites. Do not submit your website if you dont offer a playable online games, freeware or shareware.

2. You may only create 1 account for each domain , do not submit subdomains, subfolders, portals or dynamic URLS or any other re-direct to the same content / website.

3. We will review all suggested game websites first (usually within 24 hours) We are doing this to keep our list clean and accurate. All votes you receive while waiting will be stored in our database.

4. We list english Game websites only. Do not use too many CAPS in your title / description.

5. Refrain from voting your own game and/or cheating votes by robots etc, your domain will be banned forever once we detect it.

6. Be sure that the games you are hosted are legal, always respect the copyright of the games. Gamez100 will not be responsible for your content.

 Privacy policy

To register we ask for information such as your website, url and email for listing purpose only. The information, including e-mail addresses, will not be used for any other purpose, because your privacy is important to us.

 Registration Form

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