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Rank Description IN OUT stats
1 Astro Galaxy
Astro Galaxy is a realistic online space exploration game. You can customize ships, stations and planetary facilities. You can colonize / explore other stars and fight with others for control with endless possibilities. Join Now!
1038 47 neutral
2 - Vampire Game
Reign Of Blood is a free vampire browser based roleplaying game. Take the role of a vampire and compete against thousands of other vampires in one of the top voted free online vampire browser games. Play now, for free!
145 47 neutral
3 Bloodletting
Text based Gothic RPG
13 23 up
4 Samurai Of Legend World 2
Train to hone your body and skill! Protect your allies! Crush your enemies! Honor the tradition and the Bushido! Are you the one? Are you the Legend?
10 21 down

Rise above the law, or become the law! Become Gangster, Cop or even a Judge and rise to the highest rank in a number of careers in your search for ultimate power and control over crime and corruption.
9 62 up
6 Funny Games - full free games
No more limitations, no more signups, no more popups. Here are the best full version games. At you can download or play 2GB new games, daily. (no signup,no login,no popups)
7 13 down
7 Thug Battle
Free online text based web rpg browser gangster/crime game
5 20 down
8 Battle of the Valley
3 13 up
9 700 Cool Online Games brings you the most, largest, best online list of free games.
2 11 down

MafiaCreator - Create own game
Create your own free browser Mafia RPG and make real money with your game. There is not technical knowlegde required. Invite all your friends to play your OWN game!
1 15 down

Rank Description IN OUT stats
gratis Online Spiele, Klassiker, Superspiele
1 9 up
12 Operation Mafia
Operation Mafia is a massive multiplayer online game! You are a Mafia who start with nothing, You have to pass through difficult tasks to become a ruthless mafia.
1 15 down
13 Free Games Jungle
Hot new website offering free full games that you can download & play. Daily updated with new free game content, descriptions, ratings and more.
1 11 down
14 Ocean of funny Flash Games
Funny Flash Games for everyone. Every day a lot of new Flash Games to play Free. Enjoy your playing games . Enjoy your playing here.
0 2 up
15 Runescape Powerleveling Guide
Runescape Powerleveling Gold Money Cheat Hack Guide. Talk about all of the
0 5 down
16 EliteWebGames Arcade
OVER 2000 FREE Flash Web Games!!!
0 7 down
17 Mobster Sim
Mobster Sim Online Gangster Simulation. Build army up and crush your opponents!
0 2 up
18 L2Luna
Lineage II +++ C4 +++ 20x server (official) !!! NEW SERVER !!
0 4 up
19 World Mobs
0 9 up
20 NewGamez
Over 2200 games
0 3 down
21 City of Eternals
City of Eternals is the world's first massively multiplayer online game set in a world of modern Vampires. The title is free to play on the web with no downloads, with 3D graphics that can run on any browser with Flash.
0 5 down
22 MobNation
Text Based Mafia game
0 11 down
23 Vendetta Mafia
Vendetta Mafia is a free online multiplayer mafia based MMORPG. Live the life of the top don's as you compete against rival underbosses around the world in our 3 day rounds.
0 4 down
24 Dump Games
Large collection of (full version) online games.
0 9 down
Features ton's of free games like Sonic, Mario, and funny movies!
0 12 up
26 NY-Mobster
An online mafia game, you progress through the life in the mafia, and make friends whilst doing so.
0 4 up
27 extreme-warzone
a very fun mafia style game. JOIN
0 5 neutral
28 The best mafia game ever
rpg game
0 6 neutral
29 gang land killers
In this browser game you will walk in the footsteps of a Mafia member. By showing your strength, earning respect, and rising in rank, you will slowly become renowned and feared in the world of the Mafia. Outsmart your fellow players and become the most po
0 6 down
30 Metin2 Terra Mistica
The best Metin2 Spanish Server. 100% DROP / 100% YANG / 100% EXP. LVL MAX 255. New uniques systems, new armors, weapons and maps! Play with the bests! We speak english.
0 12 down
31 HC Mafia online mafia game
Online mafia game where you fight others, join familys, and earn some respect. Cash prizes and even playing field.
0 5 neutral
32 Chosen Space
0 5 down
33 //-:-Mafia Base=-:-
Free to play text based mafia game with new features added daily and fresh new first round!!
0 7 up
34 KezFun - free online games
KezFun - Your Fun portal - kezfun kzfun online games free games funny videos jokes wallpapers flash animations morbid action logic sports adventures arcade RPG racing strategy freegames kez fun
0 8 down
35 The Ultimate Warrior!
Do you have what it takes to be, The Ultimate Warrior?
0 8 up
36 Jester Corp DS
Jester Corp DS is a homebrew Game developed by a young Coder ( J£$T£R ) who has aspirations of making this go the distance!
0 7 down
37 Car and motorcycle games
Flash games: Motorcycle - Bike - Car - Trucks - Kart - ATV - Airplane - Helicopter - Boat & sailing - Car tuning - Racing - Driving - Parking - Super Mario
0 7 down
38 Small Gods MMO
Small Gods is free massive turn based online game, which can be played trough a browser. The game will set you in a world full of battles for power, battlefields and different creatures. This is the only place where you can find out who is the best, only
0 8 down
39 WebGangs - The Gangster Game
Versuche in der Welt der kriminellen aufzusteigen um der Mächtigste und Reichste Boss zu werden.
0 6 down
40 Xtraticwar
Free online MMORTS browser based game, subscribe for just $5 a month for an advantage! Sign up for free today!
0 9 down
41 Erandia MUD
Erandia is a very unique MUD, unlike any other seen. From the magic system to the theme you will be continually kept occupied in an astounding role-playing envrionment.
0 2 up
42 Stardoll - your paperdoll heaven
Stardoll is about celebrities, fashion and friends. Dress up Britney Spears, Rachel Nichols, Lindsay Lohan and many more. Chat with friends.
0 3 up
43 Injustice
Enter a world of crime and corruption, where you the player create your own world. Choose from many different career paths from lawyer and judge, mayor to the police and of course the Mafia where you can rise to the ranks of Godfater
0 4 up
44 Dragon Hearts
Dragon Hearts is a Persistent Browser Based Game. In a world where you take on the role of a Dragon to find your wealth and power, take on challenges, strike down your opponents, collect hordes of riches. Come and join the adventure now
0 7 down
45 Mythopolis_City of Gods
Mythopolis is a Browser MMORPG where players immerse themselves in the mystic legends of the ancient Greek. Rise your army and bring war to the land.
0 6 down
46 BlackAftermath MMORPG
A free turn based MMORPG. Great community!
0 6 down
47 Arcade Bomb
Play the best free arcade games, all brand new and full version. 300+ games up to date!
0 7 down
48 Merchant Empires
Merchant Empires is a free, browser based multi-player game of space exploration, trade and combat. Choose from one of five detailed races.
0 8 up
49 Shade, by shaded dimensions.
Shade is a 2d mmorpg that aims to reach beyond the standard of 'normal' games of this genre, with inovative and strong features and a well built community.
0 1 up
50 Raga
0 2 neutral

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