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Rank Description IN OUT stats
1 - Vampire Game
Reign Of Blood is a free vampire browser based roleplaying game. Take the role of a vampire and compete against thousands of other vampires in one of the top voted free online vampire browser games. Play now, for free!
254 93 up
2 Astro Galaxy
Astro Galaxy is a realistic online space exploration game. You can customize ships, stations and planetary facilities. You can colonize / explore other stars and fight with others for control with endless possibilities. Join Now!
121 35 up
3 MafiaMatrix
Rise above the law, or become the law! Become Gangster, Cop or even a Judge and rise to the highest rank in a number of careers in your search for ultimate power and control over crime and corruption.
33 351 up
4 Bloodletting
Text based Gothic RPG
16 27 up
5 Battle of the Valley
15 83 down
6 Samurai Of Legend World 2
Train to hone your body and skill! Protect your allies! Crush your enemies! Honor the tradition and the Bushido! Are you the one? Are you the Legend?
14 23 down
7 Thug Battle
Free online text based web rpg browser gangster/crime game
11 31 down
8 Free Games Jungle
Hot new website offering free full games that you can download & play. Daily updated with new free game content, descriptions, ratings and more.
8 25 up
9 Game Top Sites
The best 100 games, in the more populair listing on the internet.
5 20 down
10 Crime Valley
It's a new generation of gaming, it is updated faster than any other game special features flash casino's movies while ranking unlimited original special options Too much,too mention..... Take a look for yourself and find out
5 24 down

Rank Description IN OUT stats
11 Funny Games - full free games
No more limitations, no more signups, no more popups. Here are the best full version games. At you can download or play 2GB new games, daily. (no signup,no login,no popups)
5 38 down
12 MMORPG Top Games
List of top online games, free mmorpg and private game servers
5 19 down
13 MafiaCreator - Create own game
Create your own free browser Mafia RPG and make real money with your game. There is not technical knowlegde required. Invite all your friends to play your OWN game!
3 21 up
14 700 Cool Online Games brings you the most, largest, best online list of free games.
2 16 up
15 Deadly and Alone
We are now live! Do you think you have what it takes to take your clan to the top? Are you the best fighter in the land? Think you can amass the biggest fortune? Want to spend some time with mature players over the age of 18? Come join us.
2 19 up
16 Operation Mafia
Operation Mafia is a massive multiplayer online game! You are a Mafia who start with nothing, You have to pass through difficult tasks to become a ruthless mafia.
2 50 down
17 Game Coyote
Come play free online games at Game Coyote. No signup required!
2 16 down
18 Mythic Reign
Mythic Reign - A free fantasy text based roleplaying game. Over 10 species to choose from. Join now!
2 26 down
19 Online Flash Games
The best free games - in your browser!
1 14 up
20 !!! Eternal Wars !!!
Massive MMORPG Game with Astonishing Entertainment! Gain 5 Million levels, explore Million locations, Solve quests, Defeat monsters for gold/item drops, Buy new weaponry/armor, Chat and Trade with over 30.000 friendly online players, and Much more!
1 25 up
21 250 Free Games
the best 250 free games on the web
1 11 up
22 Drug-life
Can you survive ?
1 6 up
23 Cyberdunk - Basketball MMORPG
Coach your own basketball player, manage your basketball team, rig games, contract human players, buy more seats for your stadiums and win domestic, international or league cups.
1 26 up
24 Onlyflashgames
Play free online games at Onlyflashgames
1 14 down
25 Crimson Moon Free Online Vampire
Vampire/Werewolf Online Text Based Game. Offers many options including fighting, clan, tournaments, explorable areas, contests, quests and much much more. Server 2 is now live which features and ALL NEW version of Crimson Moon. Join today! It's FREE!
1 18 down
Play the best classic games online for free!
1 11 up
27 Gangland 2
Join This Community! You'll Have Fun, Trust Me.
1 9 up
28 The Hacker Project
You will play the role of a solo hacker in a tumultuous future when all governments have succumbed. The mega-corporations have taken control. True Light, an underground movement is fighting for the lost freedom. Trust your technolust! Join Now.
1 20 up
29 Sci Fi Arcade
Play Free Sci Fi Arcade - Space Games, Alien Games, Zombie Games, UFO Games.
1 14 up
30 Hannah Montana Games
Hannah Montana Gamecollection
1 17 up
31 Hooliganscity
this game is the best ever make.come and try it out
0 8 down
32 Online Funny Games
Play all your favorite online games at Out site has over 500+ games sorted on categories.
0 8 up
33 Flash Games Zone
Best Flash Online Games ever created with games such as action,puzzle,racing,shooting,sports,rpg,strategy and more.
0 5 up
34 X Games Flash X
Play free online browser action, adventure, board, casino, driving, dress up, fighting, puzzles, pimp my / customize, shooting, sports and other flash games!
0 3 up
35 Chronic Arcade Games
500+ Free Games! Shooting Games, Action Games, Sports Games, Retro Games, Strategy Games, etc.
0 30 down
36 Online Games
Play free online games,action,arcade,casino,puzzle,racing,shooting,sports!2500+ free games online!Have fun playing some of the best online games ever!
0 9 up
37 Streets of Crime
Streets of Crime is a text based maffia game ; steal cars, complete mission, rob banks, attack other players. And alot more! Streets of Crime gives you the feeling of a real godfather!
0 3 up
38 100% Free Game Online
Games Online 100% Free, Play all your favorite online games at online. Out site has over 1500+ games sorted on categories.
0 12 down
39 Open Arcade
Free online flash game arcade with games added daily.
0 14 down
40 L2-SR
L2-SR RETUMED SERVER pvp Lineage II High Five GOD .exp5000x.sp5000x.Adena3000x Weapons+Armor Goddess of Destruction
0 16 up
41 CitySlaves browser RPG
YEAR 2054 : Train one soldier to free the city! CitySlaves is a multiplayer browser RPG with level up system, fights, chat box, item's auctions and trades.
0 4 down
42 Arcade Flash Games
Arcade Flash Games Network Free Online Singleplayer Multiplayer Leaderboard Action Puzzles Adventure Casino Driving Fighting Shooting Sports Webgames Embed Games, Embed Media
0 1 up
43 Legend War
ver97d+99items|Huge network| Never FULL | all jw, all best items(sets,weapons),all wingslvl2, all quest items-all in shops, all +11+16+Luck|99.99% Uptime 24/7 | No LAG |BB=on|LongTherm|reset=at350lvl|growing community| 100% FREE |JOIN US NOW!
0 4 down
44 Mechanical Wars
Welcome to Mechanical Wars where metal and flesh become one. In a desperate future where the survivors continue the battles that destroyed our world, your only choice is to ride a mecha into battle or die. Coose a side prepare to fight.
0 7 up
45 Global Gangsterz is a FREE MMORPG, Browser Based Gangster Game. Gain the ranks, Muscle other mobs. Do you have what it takes to become the next Godfather?
0 0 up
46 SCI FI Channel Game Centre
The SCI FI Channel Game Centre features loads of Flash games based on classic web games with a sci-fi twist. There's also a host of great MMO games to immerse yourself in.
0 15 down
47 Blue Dimension 3.3.5
HighRateServer Rates x30 / BlizzlikeServer Rates x2 / FunServer Rates x50, erhöhte Rates bei Happy Weekend, Playertreff, Chartransfere/Gildentransfere, StarterPaket, Jumpevent, RolePlayStadt, Gildenstadt, eigene Instanz/Stadt/Quests/Items u.v.m
0 6 down
48 Game Cuse
All sort of online games sorted on categories, play right in your browser, no popup, no signup
0 5 up
49 The-Underworld, of New York City
Ajax rich, web 2.0, FREE online multiplayer game. Sign-up less 1 minute, full tutorial. Give it a try today!
0 1 up
50 Space Shock
SpaceShock is a text-based MMORPG set in the Dark Space. In these times of struggle you must fight to be the best. Of course there is no point in fighting if you cannot win. It is up to you to train and trade to gain advantage. Only then will you be able
0 3 up

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